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  Mallory and Irvine The Final Chapter: We are not alone

We are not alone....

There are 2 other teams, in addition to our team, on Mt Everest looking for the body of Sandy Irvine. In addition other climbers on other expeditions are looking for Sandy... We knew they would be here. We will not race. We will stay the course. We plan to stay out of their business; we hope and pray they will stay out of our plans.

The spirit of our expedition is rooted in historical curiosity, and born out of a sense of honor and respect to those who have ventured before us. Our objectives are to locate Sandy Irvine, retrieve the evidence he might have carried, and to re-construct the final events to learn if the summit was gained. Our intention is to return the personal possessions to the Irvine family as they have requested of us, and most importantly, to give Sandy the Christian burial as he deserves and as has been requested by the family.

We have been asked by the family that information from the mountain be relayed to them before this information is given to anyone else. After a burial, in most countries it is a legal requirement that thereafter the body remains untouched. The family requests this, and we join them in their belief that this practice should be respected in the mountains.

We will attempt to treat Sandy with the utmost respect. We will go very quietly and very slowly. We plan to stay focused and small. We need to stay on task and without complex agendas. No reporters, no cameramen, and no interviews while on the mountain.

We invite you to continue to check back for updates regularly. We will report what we can, but the above goals and objectives must come first. EverestNews.com visitors will be the first to learn of any discovery, after the family is notified. We thank you for your understanding and patience, and ask for your prayers for our climbers, and all who visit the mountain this spring.

Pictures are copyright Thom Pollard




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