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  Mallory and Irvine The Final Chapter: Interview with Tarcisio Bellò

copyright©George Dijmarescu 2004

Update 5/17/2004: Interview with Tarcisio Bello by Valentina

Hi Tarcisio, how did you come up with the idea of going back to Mount Everest looking for Sandy Irvine camera? Is this a dream which finally comes true?

Tarcisio Bellò : "It was Agostino Da Polenza, K2 2004 Expedition leader, to ask me. He came up with this idea and so I have to thank him The Everest phase of the K2 2004 Project has a primarily scientific purpose. My other priority will be to support scientists in the carrying out of their tests."

What makes you think that the camera can still be found, after 80 years?

Tarcisio Bellò: "In 1975 a mountaineer of a Chinese expedition found a body laying on one side, as if he had died while sleeping. His clothes looked old-fashioned and worn. He had probably died of hypothermia and had his cheek pecked by a crow, a bird who can reach such altitudes. He was 20 mins far from the Chinese camp and it is very likely that this climber was Sandy Irvine. We will surely make reference to this data to start our research.  

When are you going to leave and how long will you remain up there?

Tarcisio Bellò: I cannot tell you the exact day, but we will climb to camp 3 in the afternoon and the day after, not too early as it would be too cold, we will explore the area. We will use a metal detector possibly."

How much time will you have?

Tarcisio Bellò: "At this altitude, 8300 m, it will not be possible to spend more than half a day. Even just moving at this altitude is particularly difficult and I have had to get trained as if I had to summit Everest. I also hope not to find snow because this would make the whole thing impossible."

How do you imagine the moment of the finding of the camera, what will you first thought be ?

Tarcisio Bellò: "Well it would be like winning at the lottery! What excites me of the whole thing is thinking that it would be a revolutionary discovery which would cause the rewriting of mountaineering history, as well as of school manuals and geographic explorations.

Mr. Bello, seems like a nice, caring man. Best of luck to him from EverestNews.com. May he have safe passage and good health. We wish him all the best...

We have come to Mount Everest in search of an answer.


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