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   Everest Summits from China in 2004: North Side Summits

Everest 2004: List of Summiteers ( draft list, let us know who we are missing) We know we have more to add...

More summits will be added as they are confirmed.

Everest 2004: Full List of Summiteers NORTH By Date:

Names of Summiteers 17th May 2004

Austria Team: 11 A.M.

1. Fritz Klausner

2. Markus Noichl

3. Lakpa Gelzen Sherpa

4. Chhang Dawa Sherpa


French Team 1 P.M.


1. Hugues d'AUBAREDE

2. Ang Babu Sherpa


1. Paul Koller

Names of Summiteers 18th May 2004

International 7.00 AM

1. Jacques Marmet

2. Chhewang Dorje Sherpa

2004 Greek Expedition

1. Giorgos Tsianos chinese time 09.00
2. Giorgos Argyris chinese time 09.15
3. Kostas Apostolopoulos chinese time 09.30
4. Mr. Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa chinese time 09.00
5. Mr. Pasang Nuru Sherpa chinese time 09.15
6. Mr. Pemba Chhoti Sherpa chinese time 09.30
7. Mr. Sherap Sherpa chinese time 09.30

at 9.45 A.M. Korean Team

1. Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa

At 10.00 A.M.  Korean Team
1. Park Mu-Taek (died)
2. Jang Min (died)

Indian Navy (no time given)

1. Viking Bhanoo (28 yrs), Surgeon Lieutenant
2. Rakesh Kumar
3. Vikas Kumar
4. Tamtin Sherpa (4th ascent)
5. Nima Gyalgen (5th ascent)
6. Aaj Tenzing (1st ascent)

Italian team 11:00 a.m.

1. Marco Tossutti

2. Dowa Sherpa

Summit Climb Everest 2004 (11:00 AM)

1. Thomas Haines, Colorado, USA.
2. Ryan Waters, Georgia, USA.
3. Franck Pitula, Lyon, France.
4. John Mislow, Chicago, USA.
5. Lakpa Temba Sherpa, Kulima, Nepal.
6. Nurbu Tsipe, Tashi Tsom, Tibet.
7. Dorje Kasang, Old Tingri, Tibet.

Names of Summiteers 19th May 2004

Korean Team (Time unknown)

1. Baek Joon Ho (died on the descend)

2. Sirdar Nuri Chiri Sherpa


* They are climbed for rescue their climbing partners, Mr. Park mu taek and  Mr. Jang min,  18th May after summit Mr. Park was snowblind.



1. Ms. Maite HernŠndez
2. Ms. Nuria Balaguť

3. Then Dorjee Sherpa

4. Pemba Tengsin Sherpa

At 08.05 A.M. Indian Navy

1. Abhishek Kankan, Lieutenant Commander,
2. Satyabrata Dam, Commander, Expedition Leader

3. Nima Tenjee Sherpa (2nd ascent)

4. Ang Tashi Sherpa (1st ascent)

5. Cheddar Sherpa (1st ascent)

Team Endeavor - Everest 2004 North 10:45am

1. Man Bahadur Tamang

2. Dan Lochner

3. Ang Mingma Sherpa

4. Dan Meggitt

Bulgarian Team (no time given)

1. Mr. Petko Totev
2. Mr. Tendi Sherpa

Italian team

1. Giuseppe Pompili 9:30 a.m

Names of Summiteers 20th May 2004

Connecticut Everest Expedition 7 AM

1. George Dijmarescu 6.55 AM

2. Ms. Lakpa Sherpa (George's wife) 6.55 AM

3. Dawa Nuru Sherpa 6.55 AM

4. Dave Watson 7:10 AM

5. Chuck Boyd 7:20 AM

6. Rinji Sherpa 7;20AM

7. Dawa Sherpa

8. Mingma Sherpa (Lakpa's brother). 7.20 AM


IMG Mount Everest 2004 North side


1. Dave Hahn (5th)

2. Da Nuru Sherpa (his fifth ascent)

3. Tashi Tseri Sherpa (his tenth ascent)


Dutch Expedition: 10 AM

1. Wilco van Rooijen (36) without oxygen

2. Dawa Gel Sherpa without oxygen

At 11.00 A.M. Norwegian American North Everest Expedition

1. Ms. Randi Skaug
2. Sirdar Tshering Pande Bothe (second ascent)
3. Sherpa Jamyang Bothe

At 02.15 P.M. Korean Expedition

1. Ms. Oh Eun-Seon (38)


1.  Mr. Nikolay Petkov
2.  Mr. Doichyn Boyanov (without oxygen)
3.  Mr. Hhristo Hhristov (without oxygen, died)

Summit Climb Everest 2004  (no time given)

1. Mr. Andre Bredenkamp, Capetown, South Africa.
2. Mr. Lakpa Chiri Sherpa, Kulima, Nepal.


Shoko Otu ? died.

Plus Sherpas

Italian team

1. Adriano Dal Cin 7:30 a.m. (Nepali time)

Asian Trekking

1. Guillermo Carro 11PM Nepal Time

Names of Summiteers 21st May 2004

Names of Summiteers 22nd May 2004

Names of Summiteers 23rd May 2004

Italian Everest/K2 2004 (no time given) 

1. Mr. Tashi Tshering, Lhasa, Tibet.
2. Mr. Lhaki, Lhasa, Tibet.
3. Mr. Khechen, Lhasa, Tibet.


Summits on 23th of May between 9.15 and 9.45 hour:

Cecilie Skog (Norway)

Julian Haszard (Nw. Zealand)

Dale Darling (USA)

Harry Reeves (UK)

Shokichi Saito (Japan)

Toshiko Tamura (Japan)

Derek Chinn (Nw. Zealand)

Kiek Stam (Netherlands)

Thimo Sommerfeld (Germany)

Mark Woodward (Nw. Zealand)

Dean Staples (Nw. Zealand)

Hiroyuki Kuraoka (Japan)

Phurba Tashi sherpa

Cchiring Sherpa

Son Dorji sherpa

Ngima Dorji Sherpa

Lhakpa Tshering sherpa

Tashi Thundu sherpa

Dateriji sherpa

Phutesi sherpa

Tashi Ping Tso

Ten Zen

Pubu Tsering

Names of Summiteers 24th May 2004

At 09.40 Italian Everest/K2 2004

1. Claudio Bastrentaz (without supplemental oxygen)*
2. Alex Busca (without supplemental oxygen)*
3. Karl Unterkircher (without supplemental oxygen)*
4. Mario Merelli
5. Lhapka, Lhasa, Tibet.
6. Serap Jangbu Sherpa, Nepal.
7. Lhapka Tshering Sherpa, Nepal.

At 11.15 A.M. Russian Team

1. Alexander  Abramov

2. Dorjee Sherpa


Brice Team:

Joanne Giambi (UK)

Rob Giambi (UK)

Barry Roberts (British)

Andrew Marquis (Australia)

Bill Crouse (USA)

Kili Pemba sherpa

Dorji Sonam Gyalgen sherpa

Lakpa sherpa

Nawang Drumdu

Wang Qing


Names of Summiteers 25th May 2004

At 08.30 A.M. Italian Everest/K2 2004

1. Tarcisio BellÚ
2. Marco Confortola
3. Pemba Nuru Sherpa, Nepal.

Russian Adventure Team

1. Marshall Ullrich, May 25

2. Davide D'Angelo, May 25

3. Pemba Tenzing Sherpa, May 25

Names of Summiteers 26th May 2004

At 12.30 P.M. SummitClimb

1. Tim Horvath, Cherry Valley, NY, U.S.A.
2. Eric Meyer, Steamboat Springs, CO, U.S.A.
3. Gyaluk Sherpa, Taur, Nepal.
4. Tenzi Sherpa, Rolwaling, Nepal.
5. Tenzing Sherpa, Patale, Nepal.

Names of Summiteers 27th May 2004

At 12.08 P.M. SummitClimb
1. Mr. Jangbu Sherpa, Patale, Nepal.
2. Mr. Phuri Sherpa, Patale, Nepal.
3. Mr. Yunden from Tingri, Tibet.
4. Mr. Wangdu from Tingri, Tibet.


1. Viacheslav Skripko

Names of Summiteers 28th May 2004

Names of Summiteers 29th May 2004

At 07.50 SummitClimb

1. Mr. Felix Berg, Berlin, Germany
2. Mr. Awang Norbu, Nyalam, Tibet
3. Mr. Pubu Tsering, Nyalam, Tibet
4. Mr. Tashi Namgyal, Tingri, Tibet

At 08.50 SummitClimb

5. Mr. Arnold Coster, Rotterdam, Netherlands
6. Mr. Lakpa Sherpa, Norbugaon, Nepal
7. Mr. Tenzing Sherpa, Norbugaon, Nepal

Names of Summiteers 30th May 2004

At 10.00 A.M. Russian

1. Mr. P. Shabaline
2. Mr. Iljas Tukhvatullin
3. Mr. Andrew Mariev

Names of Summiteers 31st May 2004 

At 09.15 A.M. Russian
1. Mr. Petr Kuznetsov
2. Mr. Glev Sokolov
3. Mr. Eugeni Vinogradski

Names of Summiteers 1 June 2004 

Russian (no time given)
1. Mr. Viktor Bobok
2. Mr. Viktor Volodin


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