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  Nga Temba Sherpa has summited Everest for the 10th time!

Mr. Nga Temba Sherpa is now a 10 Times Everest Summiteer of Everest! Thsi year he assited Malaysian team that summited at 8.45 a.m. Nepal time, May 16, 2004

Full Name : Mr. Nga Temba Sherpa  
Date of Birth : 1955  
Marital Status : Married  
Expedition Team Year/Season Altitude Reached
Indo-Nepalese Women Everest Expedition 10th May 1993 (Spring) 8,848 m. (Summit)
Himalayan Kingdom Everest Expedition 7th Oct. 1993 (Autumn) 8,848 m. (Summit)
Aichi Gakuin Univ. Everest Expedition 8th May 1994 (Summit) 8,848 m. (Summit)
Akita Cho-O-Yu expedition 1st Oct. 1995 (Autumn) 8,201 m. (Summit)
RUACEE'96:  Everest (From Tibet) 17th May 1996 (Spring) 8,848 m. (Summit)
STEI'96 Xangla (Tibet)    June 1996 (Summer)  6,180 m. (Summit)
Malaysian Annapurna IV Expedition 1996 10th Nov. 1996 (Autumn) 7,525 m. (Summit)
TELEKOM Malaysia Everest Expd. 1997 23rd may 1997 (Spring) 8,848 m. (Summit)
Showa Sangaku-Kai Everest Expd. 1998(Tibet) 18th May 1998 (Spring) 8,848 m. (Summit)
British Medical Expedition 1998: Mt. Ramtang 7th Oct. 1998 (Autumn) 6,800 m. (Summit)
American Everest Expedition 1999 5th May 1999 (Spring) 8,848 m. (Summit)
British North Everest Expedition (Tibet) 18th May 2000 (Spring) 8,848 m. (Summit)
Miura Cho-O-Yu Expedition 9th May 2002 (Spring) 8,201 m. (Summit)
Miura Everest Expedition 2003 22nd May 2003 (Spring) 8,848m. (Summit)
Malaysian Team (Mara Univ of Technology) 16th May 2004 (Spring) 8,848m. (Summit)

Update 5/16/2004: The two member climbers of Malaysian team (Mara university of technology) has successfully climbed the Mount Everest (8848m) with 3 Sherpas. They are as follows: 1. Mr. Muhamad Muqharabbin Bin Mokhtarrudin _ Team Leaders 2. Mr. Ahmad Reduan Bin Rozali - Member 3. Mr. Ngatemba Sherpa (10 Times Everest Summiteer) 4 Passang Rinji Sherpa (4 Times Everest Summiteer) 5 Doma Chhiri Shrepa (First Everest Summiteer) Climbed Time: 8.45 a.m. Nepal time, May 16, 2004

Update 5/16/2004: The Malaysian team has reached the summit of Everest!!

Name of Summiteers

1.      Mr. Muhamad Muqharabbin Bin Mokhtarrudin (22 Yrs), Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2.      Mr. Ahmed Reduan Rozali (22 Yrs), Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

3.      Mr. Nga Temba  Sherpa, (48 Yrs), Juving - 9, Solukhumbu, Nepal.

4.      Mr. Pasang Ringee  Sherpa (27 Yrs), Juving - 1, Solukhumbu, Nepal.

5.      Mr. Doma Chhiri  Sherpa (21 Yrs), Juving - 9, Solukhumbu, Nepal.

Update 5/15/2004: The Malaysian team reached at south summit at 8:00 am Nepal time. Hopefully they will reach to the summit of Mt. Everest after 2 hours.

Update 5/13/2004: About Malaysian student who climb to Mount Everest, here's the news:

- On 27th April 2004, position two students at base camp (Kalla Patta) of mount Everest & next day will proceed to the summit of mount Everest between 15th to 31st May, depending on weather condition.

- Recently there is another Malaysian which joining to student on mount Everest, his name is Mr. Y. Bhg.Dato Khalid Yunus, he is a Vice President of OCM & President of MAAU (Olympic Malaysia Committee). He standing only at base camp. 

Update 4/14/2004: The two climbers of Malaysian Team Everest 2004 Mr. Muhamad Muqarabbin Bin Mokhtarrudin and Mr. Ahmad Reduan Bin Rozali just came back to Everest Base Camp today at 10 am after setup their camp II. They are very good condition and strong as usual. They will rest for few days at the Everest Base camp and will heading up to Camp I again around 19 April. Mr. Nga Temba Sherpa is their climbing Sardar who already summitted Mt. Everest 9 times.

Malaysian Everest Expedition this spring. Both climbing members are the students from the MARA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY in Malaysia. Mr. Nga Temba Sherpa will be the climbing Sherpa of that team. They will climb from south side of Everest. The team will arrive in Kathmandu on 13th March 2004 and supposed to leave for Lukla on 19th March.

Ahmad Reduan bin Rozali & Muhammad Muqhanabbin bin Mokhtarudin. Both of them are: 21 years old. They are from MARA Technology University, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

They have 4 climbing Sherpa including 9th Everest summiteer Mr Nga Temba Sherpa. Here is the list. 1. Nga Temba Sherpa (Climbing Sardar)- 9 times Everest Summiteer 2. Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa (Base Camp Sardar)- 1 time Everest Summiteer 3. Pasang Rinji Sherpa (Climbing Sherpa)- 2 times Everest Summiteer 4. Ang Phuri Geljen Sherpa (Climbing Sherpa) - 1 Time Everest Summiteer 5. Doma Chhiri Sherpa (Climbing Sherpa)- Not Summit yet.

They have their own permit. The Name of the expedition is Malaysian Team (Mara University of Technology) Everest Expedition 2004.

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