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  Seven Summits on Everest on the 51st anniversary of the first ascent of Everest by Tenzing and Hillary: SummitClimb Mt Everest 2004

Dispatch May 30th, 2004:

Dear EverestNews.com, Thanks again for all the great work you are doing at EverestNews.com 

We are honoured to announce that on 29 May, 2004 (51st anniversary of the first ascent of Everest by Tenzing and Hillary), the following members summited:

1. Felix Berg, Berlin, Germany at 750 am (Chinese time)

2. Awang Norbu, Nyalam, Tibet at 750 am

3. Pubu Tsering, Nyalam, Tibet at 750 am

4. Tashi Namgyal, Tingri, Tibet at 750 am


5. Arnold Coster, Rotterdam, Netherlands at 850 am

6. Lakpa Sherpa, Norbugaon, Nepal at 850 am

7. Tenzing Sherpa, Norbugaon, Nepal at 850 am

We send them and their families, friends, and colleagues the heartiest congratulations. Thank you very much, Yours Sincerely, from Daniel Mazur and all of us at SummitClimb.com

Earlier Update 5/29/2004: This is a four part email, the first part (1) describing the removal of the rope, the second  (2) describing who is still above the missing sections, the third part (3) describing what has been done to try to correct the situation, and the fourth (4) describing what ropes have been fixed on the entire route by all teams. 

PART 1: The following notes are taken from an interview conducted on 29 May, 2004, with:

Ang Gyalu Sherpa from Patale


Chiring Sherpa from Rolwaling

On 28 May, 2004, starting at about Noon and continuing into the afternoon, 7 of Russell Brice's Sherpas, including Tibetan Guide School staff, led by Phura Tashi Sherpa from Khumjung, including Lakpa Chirri from Namche, and including Tibetan climber Tenzing, removed ropes below 7100 meters, for at least 600 meters down slope. This 60 meters included removal of ropes for 100 meters above the north col camp and 500 meters below the north col camp. When questioned, this group of 7 said they were acting under the orders of Russell Brice.

Before Mid-day on the 28th, a group of Russell Brices Sherpas had led a group of North Col Trekkers to the top of the North Col. After the North Col trekkers went down, the 7 Sherpas cut the ropes.

The method for removing the rope was apparently cutting with knives. Some of the ropes (newer sections) were cut away and rolled up and put in rucksacks to be carried down. Older pieces of rope were cut and thrown to the side of the route and are still visible.

The origin of ropes cut include ropes fixed by the Korean Team, ropes fixed by the SummitClimb.com team, and ropes fixed by Russell Brice's team.

No warning was given before the ropes were cut. Some Sherpas from teams other than Russell Brice's climbed the ropes in the morning, and coming down in the afternoon, were surprised to find the ropes had been removed.

The terrain the ropes were fixed on were snow slopes up to 55 degrees, including a near vertical ice step of about 7 meters in height.

PART 2: The following people are currently above the section of rope that has been cut, and they are involved in trying to reach the summit:

Felix Berg, Arnold Coster, Tim Spears, Jangbu Sherpa, Lakpa Sherpa, Tenzing Sherpa, Awang (Tibetan Climber), Pubu Tsering (Tibetan Climber), and others.

PART 3: What has been done to correct the situation: The SummitClimb.com team has tried to place their remaining rope over the missing sections, and have succeeded in placing 400 meters of rope over some of the more dangerous parts. Their task has been complicated by the fact that they fixed much of their rope early in the expedition. Fortunately, some was held in reserve.

PART 4: The following elevations on the mountains had ropes fixed to them by Sherpas and Tibetan climbers from the following teams:

6600-7000m (North Col) ropes fixed by: Russell Brice, SummitClimb.com, and Korean Team.

7000-7900 ropes fixed by: Indian Navy Expedition, and Russell Brice

7900-8300 ropes fixed by: SummitClimb.com, IMG/AC

8300-8500: SummitClimb.com

1st Step, 8500 meters: SummitClimb.com

2nd Step, 8600 meters: SummitClimb.com

Snow Pyramid, 8700 meters: SummitClimb.com

Just below the summit: 8800 meters: SummitClimb.com

As can be seen from the above, the Russell Brice expedition was involved in fixing the ropes below and around the North Col, and other expeditions fixed the ropes above that. It must be mentioned that the Russell Brice expedition fixed a ladder on the second step, which was paid for by "Roy" a kind gentleman from South Africa. Thank you very much.

This e-mail was send to EverestNews.com from the Summitclimb Team.


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