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  Summit Climb Everest 2004 Dispatch Two

Dear EverestNews.com,  Thanks for telling the story of our expedition. Greetings from Kathmandu - where we are STILL waiting for the strike to end - hopefully so that we can get out of here on Friday morning, if a bit of luck goes our way.  The strike has been going for two days now, and has affected all the public transport and has closed many of the shops around our hotel here in Thamel.  However, the benefit has been that the roads are not clogged with cars and it has given the area a really peaceful feeling, a nice chance to relax in what is normally a frenetic place. However, just to set the record straight, contrary to many of the media reports, there are no problems around Thamel and we are all safe and doing fine.

The team has been arranging personal gear into loads, sorting out our oxygen supplies and making last minute purchases from the few remaining open shops. Duane has been working hard on all the computer and power sourcing issues, and we now have a very impressive setup with batteries / recharging units and solar panels which will hopefully keep us well juiced at base camp.

With his newly orange dyed hair, Deno started a sleep study last night under the tutelage of Dr. Larry Rigsby - an attempt to understand the effect of altitude on sleep patterns.  Deno and Galu Sherpa wired themselves up to the Dr. Frankenstein machine with wires all over the bodies and up their noses, and will do so again at above 6000m.

Tomorrow afternoon, the whole team will attend a puja blessing ceremony at the Boudhannath temple to grant us safe passage on the mountain.  The lama is a very senior lama who will be coming from the Khumbu region, so we are very fortunate to have such an important man assisting our attempt.

The banda (strike) seems to be scheduled to finish on Thursday night, but it all remains unclear.  In any case, we will leave in the early hours of Friday morning, regardless of whether we can make it all the way to the Tibetan border or not.  We may have to stop and spend time in the town of Dhulikhel, a few hours outside of Kathmandu, but at least we will be on the way!  Hopefully by then, the rain which started today will have stopped, and we can enjoy the journey and views.

Our team is a really multinational affair, with members from ten countries. Very sorry we forgot to mention in our last dispatch that one of or members is from New Zealand and another from Australia. Lots of stories to tell and perspectives to swap, so will no doubt have some great base camp discussions!

Our Everest team consists of the following members:

Ryan Bendixen - USA

Felix Berg - Germany (Assistant Leader)

Patrick Bernier - Canada

Andre Bredenkamp - South Africa

John Briggs - Scotland

Troy Chatwin - USA

Arnold Coster - Netherlands (Assistant Leader)

Chris Drummond - South Africa

Thomas Haines - USA

Deno Hewson - New Zealand

Tim Horvath - USA

Mick Long - Ireland

Bruce Manning - UK

Will Marshall - USA

Daniel Mazur - USA and UK (Leader)

Dr. Eric Meyer - USA

Garth Miller - Australia

Dr. John Mislow - USA

Duane Morrison - USA

Mike Nixon - South Africa

Andrew Prentice - UK

Ian Prentice - UK

Franck Pitula - France

Bridget Rossiter - Ireland

Tom Spear - USA

Keith Spencer - USA

Dr. Ken Stalter - USA

Dr. Ryan Waters - USA  (Assistant Leader)


Our Lakpa Ri team is made up of the following members:


Rob Alexander - UK

Greg Mills - USA

Jack Moyer - USA

Elselien Te Hennepe - Netherlands (Assistant Leader)

Murari Sharma - Nepal

Ricki Sheldon - USA

Our North Col team is made up of the following members:

Michael Brown - USA

Marilyn Merriam - UK

Larry Rigsby - USA

We also have the following people trekking with us:

Sara Hall - UK

So that's it from all the Summit Climb team for the moment.  Getting ready, getting excited, hopefully getting out of here soon!

Thanks for from all of us at Summitclimb.com .This email was prepared by expedition members Deno Hewson & Ryan Waters.


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