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  Colombian-American Expedition Beyond the Summit K2 Expedition

Update: Fernando did it solo (he had no team members on the summit push) AND without oxygen!! great great news for him, and Colombia!

Fernando is on his way back to Skardu,  he was in Paiju yesterday and should be traveling to Askoli today.  He was trekking back with Carlos and Iņaki Ochoa.  Apparently there is a big backlog of porters and all his equipment is still at base camp.

Update: On Thursday we received word that Fernando Gonzalez-Rubio had made it down to Base camp, completing a remarkable summit of K2! We are still awaiting word on others coming down... Please keep the climbers in your prayers... (see more here: Sad News again from K2)

Veteran climber Vladimir Suviga (He climbed with Antoli and Babanov) summited K2.... unclear on other Russians, at this time.

Fernando Gonzales Rubio (right) and Marcelo Arbelaez (left) departing the airport to join the 2001 Ararat Peace Climb

Update 7/27/2004:

Dear EverestNews.com, The Colombian climber Fernando Gonzalez-Rubio has just called me from the summit of K2.  He has reached the summit at 8:45am with out oxygen on a solo attempt.  He is currently on the way down.  Two other Italians and three Spanish climbers were ahead of him.   Although it was informed that the expedition was packing to go home, Fernando decided at the last minute to stay to make an attempt.  We will be awaiting information of his return.  Fernando is the first Colombian to reach this most demanding summit. Alberto Carrizosa

You might recall Fernando Gonzalez-Rubio from our Ararat Peace climb a few years ago.

Update 7/12/2004: Colombian American team reaches camp 3, K2 

The Colombian American Expedition to K2, "Beyond the Summit 2004" established camp 3, July 8th, at 7700 meters, during high winds. Camilo Lopez made a successful solo assent to secure the high camp. Weather has improved, but avalanche danger is high, so the next attempt would be after several days, weather permitting. In the mean time, an attempt for the summit of Broad Peak is underway, as snow conditions are better for the planned route. The final attempt for the K2 summit is planned for the next break in the weather.

Update: Got a call from Camilo Sat. night saying the weather had closed in again, that Fernando had gone up before the storm came in....

Update 7/3/2004: The Colombian-American Expedition to K2, "Beyond the Summit 2004" finally started climbing again after a week of snow at base camp. The team was lucky and did not have to re-establish Camp 1 after an avalanche came through the camp. Camp 2 was also in good condition, and currently the team is headed to Camp 3 under clear skies.

Update 6/21/2004: Colombian American team reaches camp 2, K2

The Colombian-American Expedition to K2, "Beyond the Summit 2004" has reached camp 2 of the Abruzzi route, June 20th, with stormy weather for the return trip down to base camp. Team members consist of Camilo A. Lopez and Fernando Gonzalez Rubio. Both are in good health. "Beyond the Summit" is a team with the intension of climbing for peace, to bring attention to the war in Colombia and around the world.

Update 6/14/2004: The Colombian American Expedition to K2, "Beyond the Summit 2004" has reached base camp, June 13th, under clear blue skies. Team members consist of Camilo A. Lopez and Fernando Gonzalez Rubio.  The team was slightly delayed due to the closure of the Karakorum Highway from protests, but arrived without further incident.


Camilo Lopez and Fernando Gonzales-Rubio K2 2004

We are the Colombian-American Expedition Beyond the Summit peace for the world we are two members attempting the Abruzzi route. We are starting our trip the 1 july of 2004. We are two climbers from Colombia that have the help of American industry to support the expedition we are climbing for peace, Not only for the war that is been going on in our country for more than fifty years but also for the wars that rage around the world.

We are expected in Islamabad the 1 of June 2004 to star the trip. A.T.P is handling all our logistics in Pakistan and Beyond the summit in Colombia and The U.S. We are representing different brands on these years expedition to the Himalaya but we will like to mention a new brand of equipment in the U.S which is MontBell, they are sponsoring us with a mayor part of their very high quality Asian gear

We are getting ready and exited about these climb this is the first time that Colombian climbers attempt k2; We will write you back with some more exiting news.

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