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  Mallory and Irvine The Final Chapter: "Army Colored"

Based on testimony from a climber who discovered “an old dead,” it was hard not to conclude that he had discovered Sandy Irvine. We interviewed this climber further before we went to Everest. Some of his words were that he came across a “very old dead.” It was in a very exposed area, “unsafe to go farther this way.”

In another interview he stated the body was “leaning like this” as he leaned to his left and put his hands up to the left side of his head and pulled his knees towards his chest. He also said that he was on “lot of snow” (i.e., a snow slab, not on rock). This might make sense if the “old dead” faltered on a steep area, trying to find his way down, and trying to protect himself from the wind and cold.  He stopped to rest, leaning into the mountain in hopes of using the snow to shield himself from the wind.

"Yes, we were confident in finding Sandy Irvine. We had researched thoroughly the history and interviewed many experienced mountaineers. Here we had a real live climber, telling us he saw a body that could only be Sandy"

He also said that if something fell from this area there is nothing to stop its fall. Whatever fell would wind up at 6000 meters or below. “It is very steep here”, very exposed and the fall line is uninterrupted, no obstructions at all. He marked the location on a map for us. He stated he did not see the face.

Our source stated he had discovered a “very old body” dressed in “army-colored clothes” lying on a slab at an off-route location. This location was above 8400 meters.

We have received several questions on the “army-colored clothes”. We had the same questions. When we first heard the story about a body in "army colored" clothes, we assumed camouflage. Why would Sandy Irvine be wearing camouflage.? I guess that "dates" us here at EverestNews.com.

When we mentioned the army-colored clothing to Tom Holzel, he remarked that this was a good clue; we asked him to explain. He told us “army colored” cloth is the "olive drab," used universally for military clothing, and, by extension, the only cloth available for the heavy-duty garments used by early mountaineers.  He said he would expect Sandy to be wearing an olive drab jacket.

We listened to the video of George Mallory being dug up again from 1999, the outer shell was described in the tape as being "olive drab" in color. This all started to add up...

That is when we knew we had to go to Everest...

We went to Mount Everest in search of an answer.

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