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  Climber missing Dhaulagiri Update

Update Story about Slovenian climber finished: Around 10th of July Nepal authorities notified that corpse was found on the area on which was Joze missing. Corpse was found by the shepherd between trees at the beginning of the timberline on some 3400 m altitude. There was food and drink in his rucksack. Local doctor found out immediate death because of fall (head injury). I hope he has found peace.

I believe this is the last time I contact you, so I wish you successful, peaceful and joyful life. Sincerely from Tatjana

We wish Tatjana, Peace, and Love...

Update 6/15/2004: It was a huge search, the biggest that natives probably ever remember. In eleven days many people took part in search: Sherpas (even ten some days), two experienced climbers were sent from Slovenia (Tone Skarja in Peter Podgornik), fallowing are members of mission Tukuche: two Frenchman, one Israeli, one Spanish. There is a reward of 1000 USD, so some Tibetan people and herdsmen searched too. Helicopter was active whenever was possible.

In area where Joze was lost is beginning period of monsoon, and together with the rain it is beginning the period of pasture.

Everyone faraway is informed about his missing. Information in Nepalese language about reword 100 000 NPR and Joze's picture are all over the valley (in some six villages).

I'm sending you map of the area and his picture. Best regards from Tatjana.

Update 5/24/2004:  Better explanation:

Missing climber is Joze Sepic. He is a member of Dhaulagiri mission. Mission counts 7 people an is leaded by Andrej Stremfelj. Mission left Katmandu on April 11. and came to base camp on April 18. Till May 17. five members of mission summited. On April 19. they started their way from base camp toward Tukuche. Leading of the mission Andrej Stremfelj arrived to Tukuche the last one and found out that Joze Sepic is missing. Straightway next morning (April 20.) they've started their searching, which lasts till now.

Joze Sepic got lost on the way from Dhaulagiri base camp to Tukuche, most probably already past Kalo pani spine crossbar, from where the road leads directly to Tukuche. There is a possibility that Joze Sepic has turned toward Marpha, that's why members of mission helped with local people and helicopter are searching this area too.

Any help from climbers in that area is welcome.

From Andrej's home page I can tell you that Dhaulagiri summited next climbers:

Andrej Stremfelj (47), Marija Stremfelj (46), Marijan Manfreda (53), Miha Habjan (26) and Matija Klanjscek (27).

Earlier Update: Missing Climber is Joze Sepic. Slovenian Dhaulagiri I Expedition 2004 lead by the legend Mr. Andrej Stremfelj attempting via the North East Ridge. The expedition has 8 members.

Andrej called, he has informed that in spite of more days of searching they haven't found Joze. Searching was started on may 20th by walk. Next day they continued search by helicopter too. On may 22-cnd on the better weather and accompanied with local man, who is familiar with field they went to search the other way too. They haven't found anything. On their way back they met two Nepalese, who are likely to be the last who has seen Joze. Those two man met Joze and he was already crossbar mountain crest, from where road leads thru the mountain crest directly to Tucuche. Yet the road splits and the other part leads to Marfo. That road was day earlier market with two arrows by Argentine - Spanish expedition, and there is possibility that Joze has turned there. This road gets some worse later on.

Miha, Matija and Andrej, in company with few locals went that way too. They disperse and search all the roads and impossible roads, and have been asking in all shepherd's huts. Search was unsuccessful. Today they flight slopes by helicopter, and after that went down by three different mountain crests by walk and all have found roads that at the end join in one leading to Marfo. In that section on their way down from base a little got lost Damjan and Marjon too. They took transversely way down and arrived to the road to Marfo, and after that by the road back to Tucuche. Andrej estimates that that section (expedition wasn't intended to walk through) is very hard for orientation.

Miha together with one local has tried the opposite way too, just in case. They searched the valley from two sides - unsuccessfully.

All three looking for Joze are extremely tired. In spite of that they are going to continue searching tomorrow. Four Sherpa are going to join them. They are going to fly from Katmandu by helicopter. They are going to search the same section that members of the expedition have searched today. Members of the expedition are going to undertake some other section of landscape where they are hoping to find Joze.

Any help from climbers in the area would be great appreciated. Source: Tatjana

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