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  Russian Expedition to Amin Brakk led by Arkady Seregin

Update 7/28/2004: Russian B.A.S.E Expedition to Amin Brakk West wall

The expedition climb the Amin Brakk on partly new route between Spanish and Check Route in upper part then the turned to Check route. This is about A3 to 6A difficulties and the altitude difference was 4600 to 5850m  they make 31 pitches with 11 days with fixed rope and 11 days on the wall.

5 people got to the summit on 19/7/04 Their names are Seregin Arkady leader and also make the B.A.S.E jumb on 21/7/04 with wing suit from the west wall of Amin Brakk at the altitude of 5620m because the summit part was not vertical it took him 30 second free fall the other summiter are Dorfman Lev, Rozov Valeriy, Lastochkin Alexander, and Kovalev Sergey.

The expedition only have 3 days of good weather other all days are could with snow and rain.

Update 7/25/2004: We are glad to inform you that Russian Amin Brakk Expedition got success on Amin Brakk and now the expedition is returning to Skardu today and further information will be available on their return in Rawalpindi


Asghar Ali Porik

Managing Director

M/s Jasmine Tours

GPO Box 859, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Tel: 0092-51-5586823 Fax: 0092-51-5584566

email: jtours@apollo.net.pk

web: www.jasminetours.com

Update 6/22/2004: On 16/6/04 at 2.20 am the expedition arrived at Islamabad airport. They were received by Asghar Ali Porik of Jasmine Tours and representative of Russian Embassy in Islamabad. They are total 8 members including two person from Russian NTV Mr. Denis Shuyskiy correspondent and mr. Shushkov Andrey cameraman and other members are Seregin Arkady leader, Rozov Valeriy, Dorfman Lev, Lifanov Dmitri, Rychkovskiy Andrey, Lastochkin Alexander. After spending a night in Rawalpindi the expedition depart for Skardu by road on 17 June, 2004. The expedition is plan to spend a night in Skardu before moving to Kanday Village and further two days walk to their base camp for Amin Brakk. They are plan to spend about 35 days at base camp in total they plan 45 days from Islamabad to back Islamabad. On 1/8/04 they will fly back to Russia. Mr. Rozov Valeriy is planing to jumb from the top after climbing. As they are accompanied by professional cameraman we are expecting some great shot and good record of first Amin Brak Base jump. Be remember that no one has made a base jump from Amin Brakk.


Asghar Ali Porik

Managing Director

M/s Jasmine Tours

GPO Box 859, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Tel: 0092-51-5586823 Fax: 0092-51-5584566

email: jtours@apollo.net.pk

web: www.jasminetours.com

Amin Brakk (Great Tower) 5850 meters

Amin Brakk named after a local cook from Spanish expedition its Sol Solet route, a 1650m in length and 22 pitch A5 and 6c+ described by Pep Masip, Miguel Puigdomenech and Silvia Vidal after making their first ascent in 1999. 1100m 32 pitch and British E3 and A3 described by Elfyn Jones, Steve Mayers and Mike.

Amin Brakk base camp lies at an altitude of 4250m, a 1200m wall and gigantic block of granite has got altitude, constant falling of rocks, snow and ice make it an ideal Rock Tower. It is harder then Trango Tower. Amin Brakk a a5 or more first attempted in May 1996 by the Basque climbers. got attraction of rock climber back in 1997. Spanish love this mountain and make several attempt until 1999, they climbed this virgin Tower and name their route as Sol Solat and advertise their success on internet. Czech also climbed this tower and it called Czech route. Since then a huge number of rock lover come to Pakistan and now-a-days more then five to ten expedition each year try their skill.

Amin Brakk is in a open area and below 6000m, you did not need to pay government for peak permit, it is so close to the road you can reach the base camp in a day or two.

But please remember most important thing in an expedition is logistics. If you want to come in an organize way, try our most competitive price and personalize services. Concentrate your time and efforts on climbing this beautiful mountain.

A day or two walk will bring you from Khande Village to a green meadow about 4250m base camp for Amin Brakk.. It has many routes to challenge your skill.

From Islamabad a 24 hours drive will bring you to the gateway of Karakoram mountain Skardu Valley. After making final arrangement another 6-7 hours jeep drive and 1-2 days walk will bring you to the base of Amin Brakk.

We have spare 25 days for climbing from Base Camp and 10 days for Islamabad to base camp and back to Islamabad. No peak permit is require, even no trekking permit is require as it stand in open zone. Just inform us pack your stuff and get ready for life time experience.

Asghar Ali Porik

Managing Director

M/s Jasmine Tours

GPO Box 859, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Tel: 0092-51-5586823 Fax: 0092-51-5584566

email: jtours@apollo.net.pk

web: www.jasminetours.com

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