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  K2 South: Magic Line: one climber down, two more need to get down

Copyright©Magic Line Expedition 2004

Update: The climber Jordi Corominas already is in the bases camp.  Oscar Cadiach and Manel de la Matta have still not arrived.

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Update: The mountain climbers have not arrived at base camp.  Valenti Giro waits for Jordi Corominas in advanced base of the Abruzzi. We hoped that they arrive in next the hours. 

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Update: There are no changes. Corominas follows in  C3 (Abruzzi).  Manel de la Matta and “scar Cadiach in C1 (Magic Line). Tomorrow they will lower to Base Camp.

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Update 8/17/2004: Jordi Corominas rests now in C3 (Abruzzi) Manel of Matta and “scar Cadiach descended to C 1 (Magic Line).   The arrival in base camp is expected tomorrow.

The weather has turned for the worst as predicted.

Copyright©Magic Line Expedition 2004

The report from the expedition: Jordi Corominas has been for 20 minutes in C4 on the Abruzzi route with the Japanese.  It is well.

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The expedition is reporting to us that Jordi Corominas summited K2 at 18hours (Pakistan time). The Japanese also summit this morning via the Cesen route. Jordi is coming down the Abruzzi route...

The weather has turned for the worst as predicted.

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The climber Jordi Corominas of Magic line expedition is 80 meters from the summit of K2.

“scar Cadiach and Manel de la Matta retourned to Camp 3.

Copyright©Magic Line Expedition 2004

Update 8/15/2004: Jordi Corominas and Oscar Cadiach have arrived today at 8300 meters in the magic line route. Then they returned to camp 4 (8.100 m) where Manel de la Matta was waiting.

Pictures Copyright©Magic Line Expedition 2004

The climbers will attack the summit at 4.am (1 a.m Catalonia; +1 hour GTM) but they anticipate that will be a lot of difficulties.

Update 8/15/2004 e-mail from the expedition to everestnews.com: Yesterday the climbers had problems installing the camp 4 at Torre Casarotto but finally they installed it successfully. Today “scar Cadiach and Jordi Coromines are trying to open the way to arrive at 8.300 meters. This is the most difficult part of the ascent and the point where the mytic Casarotto decided to go back. Manel de la Matta is waiting in camp 4. The attack to the summit will be probably on Monday morning. Another climber, ValentŪ Girů, is in camp 3 preparing a possible exit of the way.

Pictures Copyright©Magic Line Expedition 2004

Update 8/14/2004: The last one, say “scar Cadiach, Manel de la Matta and Jordi Coromines today has been at 8100 meters in the Magic Line, on the place called Torre Casarotto where they rested for a while. Good psico but no news about their plans. According to www.elsesports.net

Update 8/12/2004: Oscar, Manel and Jordi Corominas have gone from base camp (5,100 m.) to camp 2 (6,900 m.) amid strong winds and no visibility.  They left at 17:30 and arrived to camp 1 in Negrotto Col (6,400 m.) around 2 in the morning.  Rested a few hours and arrived to camp 2 around 9 in the morning.  At 15:45 they got to "their" camp 2 where they melted snow after getting inside their sleeping bags.

At 18:30 they have communicated with base camp.  They are fine and will try to go to Camp 3, in the Pulpit, at 7,500 m, tomorrow. They are waiting for the winds to recede, as the forecasts say.   If the weather permits, they will get to Camp 3 to see if their tent has resisted, since they installed it on July 28 in the Pulpit.

K2 from the South is about empty, but the Catalans remain attempting the Magic Line.  We have not talked much about them, so a little background: Oscar Cadiach, Everest climber, has been to Everest 5 times, one of them with TVE's "Al filo de lo imposible". Manel de la Matta, mountain guide, Economist; Jordi Tosas, mountain guide; Jordi Corominas, mountain guide; Valen Girů, International Relations, consultant.

The Catalans appear to be headed up for their summit attempt this weekend.

They are reporting in on several Catalans web sites, if anyone knows Catalan let us know and we can give you the URl's....

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